Making Better Thought-Movies One Truth At A Time


About Us

Born in Dunedin, in beautiful New Zealand. A kiwi, through and through. Played rugby football, the cadillac of sports to Aussies and Kiwis alike...

Well, I was a little bigger than this, when I played. Maybe not as determined.

Those were the days. (sigh).. Sometimes five day Cricket Test matches against India or Pakistan.

Summers of body-surfing - sometimes among the dolphins with skin like sandpaper when they brushed against us...

Turning the clock ahead... a long way ahead!

Spencerport - A beautiful little village in Upstate New York.

Who Am I?

I am in my 70's now, and life has been an amazing classroom for me.

A pastor, writer, businessman, failure, friend, foe, and many other colorful adjectives fill my resume...

However, my love for GOD and reverence for His authority in My life grows everyday...

This website begins to show some of the keys and principles that I did not know when leading a large church.

Like the Psalmist David, I have been my own worst enemy and through it all I am one of the fortunate ones - because GOD, in His mercy and grace has shown me life-changing information...

I am no better than anybody else, probably a lot worse, however, when my friend, Pastor Don Riling called me one day, and asked me where the "spiritual or biblical heart" is located - I didn't realize the journey I was entering into.

That information has changed my life.

I am different in every way now.

My job is to judge only my own sin and let GOD's word penetrate my thought-life and imagination.

These are "word-pictures" that work!

Let's Get to Work!


Making Better Thought-Movies One Truth At A Time