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We will be able to interpret Proverbs and Parables

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Wednesday, September 3

Today's Daily Verse is found in Proverbs 1.6

"for understanding proverbs and parables,
    the sayings and riddles of the wise..."

What is going on here?

I think we need to establish the reason for parables and hidden truths...

In Matthew 13

In verse 10 "His disciples came and asked him, “Why do you use parables when you talk to the people?”

Now let's look at these verses...

v.12 "He replied, “You are permitted to understand the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven, but others are not. 12 To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given, and they will have an abundance of knowledge. But for those who are not listening, even what little understanding they have will be taken away from them. 13 That is why I use these parables,

For they look, but they don’t really see. They hear, but they don’t really listen or understand.

What is going on here?

  • Jesus did not want His enemies to know what was going on
  • Remember when Jesus was born - King Herod had all the babies under two years old - killed. Why? Because Jesus was to become the KING! 
  • Jesus spoke in parables to protect what GOD's plan and timing was...

The men who finally killed Him, hated Him the moment He spoke plainly... and they said "Away with Him! Crucify Him!"

So GOD communicates truth in hidden form - in Parables and in Proverbs, and in concealed words.

Those who come to Him with an open heart, find that the Holy Spirit gives them the "wisdom of GOD", by unveiling the truth through the Word.

Only GOD's wisdom opens the meanings of Parables and Proverbs. Those who would do harm are unable to understand...

Judas walked with Jesus, but never knew what was really going on...

Judas walked with Jesus physically - but was blind to what was going on.

  • This is very important to understand
  • Jesus spoke in parables to protect the hidden truths

Judas - walking with Jesus for 3 years - "did not change him" - change happens by an inward work - not by just being physically in the company of other believers...

Truth must be protected...

Just as pearls are not thrown to swine - or pigs, so truth is not thrown out to the abuse of satanic forces.

That also goes to the thought-life.

Thought transformation can only occur by the power of the Word of GOD and the work of the Holy Spirit of GOD.

We do not see "thoughts" as the enemy.

But they are, or can be - depending on the source. Peter found that out in Matthew 16.

Look at Matthew 11.25-25

"At that time Jesus prayed this prayer: “O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, thank you for hiding these things from those who think themselves wise and clever, and for revealing them to the childlike. 26 Yes, Father, it pleased you to do it this way!"

The lie is that "thoughts do not matter". They do.

Thoughts have consequences...

Be teachable...

1 Corinthians 2.9-10 "That is what the Scriptures mean when they say,

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard,
    and no mind has imagined
what God has prepared
    for those who love him.”

10 But it was to us that God revealed these things by his Spirit. For his Spirit searches out everything and shows us God’s deep secrets."

GOD's best is reserved for those who are determined to seek instructions from His mouth..

Malachi 2.7 "For the lips of a priest ought to preserve knowledge, because he is the messenger of the Lord Almighty and people seek instruction from his mouth."

  • We must hear what God is saying
  • We must see what GOD wants us to see

The parables and the proverbs have treasure hidden - under the surface, and out of sight - so that only men of understanding know what the people are to do

1 Chronicles 12.32

"From the tribe of Issachar, there were 200 leaders of the tribe with their relatives. All these men understood the signs of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take."

See you tomorrow...


Making Better Thought-Movies One Truth At A Time