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A Message to Fathers

Here is my message for fathers...

We go to the rest room - and wash our hands with soap from a dispenser. We dry our hands from towels from a dispenser.

In the shower, we wash our hair by getting shampoo out of a dispenser.

GOD wants every father to become a "dispenser!"

A dispenser of what? A dispenser of Godly Information...

Many would say, "Well, that sounds good. I can do that."

But we have a problem... How can we give godly advice to our children that we ourselves do not have?

There are words - that are as water with the unique power to wash, cleanse, and heal...and to bring truth and guidance into any situation.

And those words...

Fathers - Use Words to Prepare the Next Generation...

And those words...the Holy Spirit of GOD can and will transform them in your children's life - into wine... as He did at the wedding feast in Cana of Galilee Information that has the potential of being of such great value.

It is probably harder for children to grow up than in any time in history. They must be smarter, faster, mature more quickly, and handle more stress - and still become outstanding success stories!

This NEXT generation needs the "right" answers to survive...

OK, Fathers, let's say your child comes to you and asks advice about any of these subjects:

Abortion, Abstinence, Abuse, Being falsely Accused, Adultery, Alcoholism, Alienation, Anarchy, Anger, Assault, Astrology, Atheism, Backbiting, Beggars, Betrayal, Bigotry, Bitterness, Blasphemy, Body Piercing, Boredom, Borrowing money, Bribery, Busybodies, Capital Punishment, Carnal mind, Cheating, Child molesters, Coveting, Cremation, Dancing, Death, Devil worship, Discrimination, Divorce, Dreams, Drugs, Eating and Drinking disorders, Effeminate, Envy, Evolution, Excommunication, Extortion, False prophets, False religions, Familiar spirits, Fasting, Fear, Gambling, Gossip, Greed, Grudges, Hate, Healing, Heaven, Hell, Homosexuals, Horoscopes, Humanism, Hypocrites, Hypnosis, Idleness, Incest, Jealousy, Judging others, Kidnapping, Killing, Murder, Lasciviousness, Lawsuits, Lies, Lesbians, Loneliness, Lust, Marriage, Masturbation, Money, Meanness, Mothers, Necromancy, Nudity, Obesity, Obedience, Oppression, Patience, Peer pressure, Philosophy, Phobias, Pornography, Poverty, Premarital sex, Pride, Prostitute, Psychics, Rape, Rebellion, Revenge, Reincarnation, Reputation, Sadists, Satan, Scoffing, Slander, Scorn, Spitefulness, Secrets, Selfishness, Stubbornness, Sexual perverts, Smoking, Sodomy, Soul, Spirit, Stealing, Suicide, Temptation, Vanity, Unforgiveness, Venereal disease, Violence, Virginity, Wealth, Wife, Widows, Witchcraft, Worry

Hundreds of questions of which GOD has clear direction, information and wisdom...

Don't say, Go and ask your mother" or, "go and ask the pastor."

You need to know, fathers, exactly what GOD's Word teaches in each of these questions and situations that our children face.

When are we going to learn these principles for ourselves first?

When we fail to communicate GOD's truth and living principles and guidelines to proper behavior, we are guilty of hiding from them the most important information in the world.

If we fail to sow correct information into the life of our child, then Satan will gladly take over - giving enormous amounts of evil, destructive information to them. And that's the information they will use to make evil and ungodly decisions...

You didn't teach them correct information - what else could you expect?

Making Better Thought-Movies One Truth At A Time