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The tongue has high expectations of being not negative, not harmless or bitter, but to be wholesome.

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Saturday, July 5th

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Today's Daily Verse is found in Proverbs 15.4

"A healing, or wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit."        - New Living Translation

Have you noticed that there always seems to be more "perverse" rather than "healing" or wholesome conversations.

The one separates and causes discord among families and friends and makes a breach wider as it continues.

A wholesome tongue does the opposite. It brings people together and causes joy and happiness and becomes a tree of life to all involved.

The key is - where are the peace-makers? Abraham was a peace-maker...

Abraham - A Peace-maker

Abraham speaking with Lot

Genesis 13.8

"Let there be no strife, for we are brethren"

Abraham possessed the tongue of healing when he spoke these words...

Sheba, Son of Bikri - A Trouble-maker

Sheba, the son of Bichri [Bikri]

2 Samuel 20

2 "Now a troublemaker named Sheba son of Bikri, a Benjamite, happened to be there. He sounded the trumpet and shouted, “We have no share in David,   no part in Jesse’s son!
Every man to his tent, Israel!”

By his hasty tongue Sheba caused division and dissension in Israel, and brought judgment on his own head...

21"The woman said to Joab, “His head will be thrown to you from the wall.”

22 Then the woman went to all the people with her wise advice, and they cut off the head of Sheba son of Bikri and threw it to Joab.

Proverbs 12.18

"Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing."

When there is the grace of GOD working in the heart, there should be healing in the tongue...

Colossians 4.6

"Let your speech at all times be gracious (pleasant and winsome), seasoned [as it were] with salt, [so that you may never be at a loss] to know how you ought to answer anyone [who puts a question to you]." Amplified version

Understanding what a "perverse" tongue is...

What our tongue should not dispensing:

  • readiness to show annoyance
  • impatient
  • wanting to snap at anyone
  • crankiness
  • grouchiness
  • being petty
  • fretful
  • aggressive
  • contentious
  • unfriendly
  • angry
  • rude
  • touchy
  • crooked
  • dishonest
  • unprincipled
  • unscrupulous
  • contaminated
  • spoiled
  • evil
  • immoral
  • sinful
  • vicious
  • wicked

Psalms 69.19-20

"You know of my shame, scorn, and disgrace. You see all that my enemies are doing.
20 Their insults have broken my heart,
and I am in despair.
If only one person would show some pity; if only one would turn and comfort me."

What a "healing" tongue is...

What our tongue should be as a "tree of life":

  • longsuffering
  • kind
  • gentle
  • tolerant
  • agreeable
  • friendly
  • easygoing
  • patient
  • cool
  • incorruptible
  • ethical
  • honest
  • good
  • moral
  • righteous
  • virtuous

As the Psalmist David declared of the coming Messiah..

Psalms 45.2

"You are the most handsome of all.
Gracious words stream from your lips. God himself has blessed you forever."

Job Argues his case with GOD

Job 13.1-5

"Look, I have seen all this with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears, and now I understand.
2 I know as much as you do. You are no better than I am.
3 As for me, I would speak directly to the Almighty. I want to argue my case with God himself.
4 As for you, you smear me with lies.
As physicians, you are worthless quacks.
5 If only you could be silent! That’s the wisest thing you could do."

"May our tongue become a wholesome tongue, full of blessing and good fruits."

See you tomorrow...

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Making Better Thought-Movies One Truth At A Time