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Making Better Thought-Movies One Truth At A Time


What Are the Bible Parables
All About?

"What are parables," you ask?

Some think that parables are just stories for children. No, they are much more than that... parables are amazing "seeds."

Seed pictures and images of the Kingdom of GOD, how Jesus and His Father do business...

They are inside secrets to the way GOD thinks!

Again - What are parables?

They are powerful and unique "word pictures" that we place into our thoughts and imagination - to play over and over again in the "movie theater of our mind" - to dominate and control our thought-life and decision-making.

The parable of the Dragnet...

The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant...

What are parables?

The purpose of these  "word-pictures" is to replace existing bad thought movies with healthy, powerful images...

The key is to understand the simple picture, to see the details correctly without interpreting the parable away historically.

Parables are living, "spiritual movies"
for the mind...

As a man thinks in the "movie theater" of his mind - in his imagination -the place of the "spiritual heart," so is he. Proverbs 7:23

You and I are what we think each day.

Some have played the old destructive moves of resentment, bitterness, and anger every day of their adult life, and those "movies" control them and their actions and relationships.

What are parables?

Parables are GOD's unique method of showing us what to do in life - and how to do it!

The key to transforming our thought-life is to have all 75 parables running in the movie theater of our mind so that the Holy Spirit of GOD can speak to us clearly what we need to know, and how GOD wants us to react to any and all situations.

But the work has to be done to hide all these parables into the chambers of our mind, into the movie theater of the mind in order to be ready and prepared for the counsel and inspiration of the Holy Spirit of GOD to reveal to us what we need to know, when we need to know it!

It really is quite simple!

The Kingdom of GOD, or the Kingdom of Heaven show us "how GOD thinks" - if you really want to know...

"Word-Pictures" have to be treated as serious informational material...

Jesus spoke in this way in order to get a hidden message across to a people that would have access to His Father and then would require guidance and direction in making decisions. Hiding truth within a simple story is genius. Those apposed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ cannot see or comprehend value contained within the story. It is impossible for them, or anyone else to correctly interpret a parabolic truth without the power of the Holy Spirit of GOD. Period.

  1. Understand the picture. In our particular part of the world we would say - understand the parable in "plain English". No fancy terms - just read the story.
  2. Clarify the picture. Look at every conceivable detail. All is all in there to be discovered. Jesus was "the best of the best" teacher! He didn't waste words, nor did He leave any out! Every time the story is read by a hungry heart, new details emerge...
  3. Look at obvious applications. Some simply stick out for all to see. Some applications obviously do not apply to your situation at the moment - but when that time comes...
  4. Be aware of immediate and future personal applications that are clearly evident in the word-picture. These may or may not be an immediate application, but know what each guideline is, think about it, meditate on it - hide it in your "movie theater of your mind" and be re
  5. These "word-pictures" have to be "ruminated" - just as a cow rolls the food over and over again before digestion. Activate reflection techniques and actions that will move into the position of benefiting from the inherent energy. For example, in the story of the Prodigal Son, there is so  much to digest and potentially energize the rest of your life. There are so many parts that can be split apart and each will create a classroom of its own... the prodigal, the request for money at the wrong time, the decision to leave home, the waste of the money, being broke, the pig pen, the impact of having nothing, the decision to return home, the father's reaction, the amazing gifts and celebration, the elder brother's attitude in not wanting the prodigal to be allowed access to the home, the resulting elder brother being shut out of the house himself... and that's just the beginning. These "word-pictures" have the power to transform our thinking, our decisions, and destiny. We have to have these all in place for the moment that the Holy Spirit of GOD comes to us for activation of the truth in any situation in our life. 

Let's get started!

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Making Better Thought-Movies One Truth At A Time